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Quality Manager

Liberec, CZ
DO - Quality

Job Description

Job Summary Quality managers aim to ensure that the product or service an organisation provides is fit for purpose, is consistent and meets both external and internal requirements. This includes legal compliance and customer expectations. Coordinate the activities required to meet these quality standards. The role is concerned with monitoring and advising on the performance of the quality management system, producing data and reporting on performance, measuring against set standards. Responsibilities devising and establishing a company's quality procedures, standards and specifications reviewing customer requirements and making sure they are met working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers setting standards for quality as well as health and safety making sure that manufacturing or production processes meet international and national standards looking at ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures monitoring performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports making suggestions for changes and improvements and how to implement them using relevant quality tools and making sure managers and other staff understand how to improve the business making sure the company is working as effectively as possible to keep up with competitors. Requirements Skills: communication skills the ability to persuade interpersonal skills problem-solving abilty organisational and planning skills skills in numerical and statistical analysis the ability to work as part of a team an understanding and appreciation of other people's work disciplines, such as engineering and science. Education & Experience Request Automotive, Medical Industry. High school or University degree